Autumn of the Ancients

Ancient Technology is dying, and the Liminal along with it.
We travel together to The Foundry, the Liminal's homeworld, where Ancient Tech was born.

Autumn of the Ancients is a collaborative storytelling game where we play a group of spacefarers, accompanying an ancient alien being known only as "The Liminal". The journey will place us in the company of alien cultures, fantastic vistas, and force us to make difficult decisions about who our characters are, how they relate, and how our journey will change them.

You will need 2-4 players, with 2+ hours of free time. You'll also need some pencils, the play handouts, and star charts available below.

A single session will feel like several chapters of a book, or the pilot episode of a sci-fi series. In several sessions, you'll weave a space opera of epic proportions.